Electrical engineering and automation

Hydraulic and Mechanical engineering

The Serenambiente Electrical Automation & Process Division uses the highest level of professional experience in the design and implementation of systems and complex engineering solutions in the field of water treatment.
The pride of Serenambiente are the containerized plants of water treatment where the customer will be required to perform only the hydraulic connection of inlet and outlet of the system and provide a proper electrical connection.

Serenambiente boasts the realization of several water treatment plants and wastewater treatment both civil and industrial in Italy and abroad.
For this reason Serenambiente E&APD is able to design and build control panels and automation and electrical plant comply with the directives electrical IEC, European (CENELEC CEI), North American (NFPA 79, UL, CSA) and Australian (AS/NZS).
Also PLC programming (A & B, Siemens, Vipa, Elsist, etc) and the operator panels HMI is performed by qualified personnel with extensive knowledge of the process to be controlled.

Serenambiente EA&PD has a staff of technical systems integrators, who can provide systems SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) SVS able to dialogue with other existing systems (DCS).

This will make it possible to view all process parameters, events, alarms and perform commands from a remote location where you installed the SVS Supervision, and provide the DCS or the higher level control system, all the information needed for the calculations internal.

Wherever possible, Serenambiente EA&PD is able to provide remote assistance service with installing a router UMTS / HPSA or accessing from the existing network:

  • Reporting to the authorized technician all faults or problems related to the process plant
  • Intervening with its technical staff to resolve the problem.
  • Serenambiente EA&PD is of course can offer to the customer packages with full/partial management of the plant, providing periodic and ordinary maintenance and interventions , with the agreed schedule, in case of failures or anomalies.